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Car-Free Matt
Freelance Marketer

Since he doesn't have a regular 9 to 5 job, Matt never knows where he might have to travel for work next. But he does know going car free might just help him lose a few pounds, and save a few bucks. And that's exactly what he's looking for.

Car-Free Matt's Blog
Jan 17, 2012

Lights. Camera. Action. The Car Free Diet Show is Born.

Director Chris Keener quiets the set. Sound rolling. Camera rolling. And without looking up from the camera- “Whenever you’re ready.” And that’s how it began- my first step towards fame. Of course, everyone’s definition of fame may be slightly different, but let’s be honest, we can play the semantics game all day. My definition of [...]

May 20, 2011

Every New Beginning is Some Other Beginning’s End

Today brings a close to the thirty days Kyle and I spent competing against each other in the Car Free Diet Skeptics Challenge.  I was chosen as the grand prize winner, but the truth is that Kyle and I both are winners; and I’m not talking about the prizes we were given. Over the past [...]

May 19, 2011

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Is there any situation where Boys II Men lyrics DON’T help convey an emotion?  I don’t think so.  Go ahead and try to find one.  Boys II Men will have you covered. However, if you find yourself stuck, New Kids on the Block will work as a suitable alternative.  Here’s an example: You: Hey Car-Free [...]

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