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With a job in Arlington, friends in DC and an ambitious plan to attend every home match of the local pro soccer club, Kyle has his car-free work cut out for him. If he can pull off this carbon dioxide-reducing victory, the crowds are sure to go wild.

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May 18, 2011

Day 28: The Home Stretch on Two Wheels

Well, it’s almost the end of our little journey. What started as a personal challenge has become so much more. Ultimately, I’m greener, thriftier, fitter, richer, happier, and more involved in my community than I’ve been since moving to this area! I’m wicked Earth conscious now, as I’m no longer putting hundreds of pounds of [...]

May 16, 2011

Day 25: New Beginnings

Well, it was an absolutely glorious week in terms of weather. Too bad a lot of it was spent indoors at work or sick. Nevertheless, I was able to catch some quick glimpses while biking too and from the office. That’s right Arlington. I’ve pretty much exclusively made the switch to bike-travel. My ankle still [...]

May 9, 2011

Day 18: Car-less Vacationing 101

It’s a fact of life: man was meant to discover. Landing on the America’s. Westward expansion. Every episode of “Star Trek”. Traveling to new and exotic locations is the perfect way to have a stress-free vacation. And what’s more exotic than the city of Charlotte? Shoot, I hear the place is almost overrun with Panthers. [...]

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