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Well, it’s almost the end of our little journey. What started as a personal challenge has become so much more. Ultimately, I’m greener, thriftier, fitter, richer, happier, and more involved in my community than I’ve been since moving to this area!

I’m wicked Earth conscious now, as I’m no longer putting hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere on a monthly basis. Driving a car to and from work always made me feel guilty. Now, that guilt is lifted like a huge weight off my shoulders. Seriously. I think I’ve added 3 inches to my vertical. Of course, that could be from constant quad workouts from the bike.

Additionally, being out of traffic has reduced my stress level IMMENSELY. When I first moved to the area, the traffic caused such bad stress that I had chest pains for the first few months. Not only are those gone, but my heart is getting regular workouts at least twice a day. I think I need to start eating a large number of tacos to counteract all this activity.

Speaking of which, the experience has made me a better planner. I used to just fly by the seat of my pants. If I wanted a taco, I’d hop in the car and go get one. Now, such immediate indulgences are unnecessary. Instead of driving somewhere to get fast food, I’ll have planned out my grocery shopping and will have something to make at home. The moral is this: if I want some sort of treat, I better be prepared to work for it.

This mode of preparedness is not only good for my body, but also for my wallet. Obviously, if I’m cooking at home, I’m saving boatloads of cash. Without insurance, gas, maintenance, parking, and the money saved with groceries, I saved between 400-500 dollars JUST THIS MONTH. This is a ridiculous amount of money to be saving, and it didn’t even occur to me until the end of this post! That’s how low on the ladder of pros this is! We don’t even need to bring up the money!

That is, unless the ladies want to talk about the money...

Anyway, I’ve decided to cap off the end of the evening with a little me-time. With my roommate gone, and the competition over, I decided that I was going to get the most recent released video game to veg out for a week. However, there are NO video game stores in all of the Rosslyn/Courthouse/Clarendon area (Thanks Congress… whom I assume sees over such matters). I was going to have to point my bike tires towards the west, and ride until I saw pocket protectors…

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