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Day 18: Car-less Vacationing 101

May 9th, 2011 by Kyle

It’s a fact of life: man was meant to discover. Landing on the America’s. Westward expansion. Every episode of “Star Trek”. Traveling to new and exotic locations is the perfect way to have a stress-free vacation. And what’s more exotic than the city of Charlotte? Shoot, I hear the place is almost overrun with Panthers.

A delicate eco-system, where tropical fauna thrive.

Normally, I’d pack up and hit the highway with my DMX CD collection and gratuitous amounts of speeding. However, that isn’t the case anymore, as I’ve been pulled over the last 5 times I biked onto the interstate. Instead, we relied a bus for transportation to/amid/from the Queen City. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t run into our fair share of problems.

I prayed I'd never have to see this again.

The trip was planned months ago, and I wasn’t going to let my car-free lifestyle change my plans. I was hungry for some ‘cue! And everyone knows that the Carolinas are a great place to get it.

And the belles of the South.

So let’s pack up and hit the pavement, car-free style!

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