car-free diet skeptics blog

About the Challenge

In January 2010, Arlington County, Virginia started the search for its biggest Car-Free Diet Skeptics – people who drove their cars a lot, but who were willing to give car-free living a shot. Potential “Skeptics” submitted application videos online, and then the public voted for the six finalists.

Voters chose Todd and Ross to take on the Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge. So on Earth Day, April 22, they hung up their car keys and attempted to live car free for an entire month!

This site chronicles both Skeptics’ 30-day, car-free adventures. Did they stick with their diets the whole time? Or sneak back behind the wheel and cheat? Read their blogs to find out!

The Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge is sponsored by Arlington County Commuter Services, which promotes many alternatives to driving alone that are available to residents and businesses in Arlington County, VA.

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