Official Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Application Form

How to apply:

1. Create a :30 – 2:00 video that shows why you would make the perfect Car-Free Diet Skeptic. Subject matter could include how much you drive/love your car now, ways you might go about being car free for 30 days if you are chosen, and any previous experience you have blogging or vlogging. Upload your video to youtube.com, and copy the web address that links to it.

Want more advice about how to put together your video? See what last year's winner, Todd, has to say about it!

2. Take a digital photograph of yourself that can be used as your profile photo for your application.

3. Fill out completely and submit the application below. You must include the link to your YouTube video, and upload your profile photo, before submitting your application (so don’t start the application until your video and photo are ready)!

Good luck!